Language-Enhanced Modification

Our custom in-house tech based off of novel research, Language-Enhanced Modification (LEM) generates new game functionality while the game is playing. This means that the underlying code of the game is changing underneath the player during play.

Functionality Generation

The limit of any game's content is the time-to-design. Hearthstone has approximately 800 cards. It could have more, but the time to build, test, and integrate those objects is a fundamental limitation to current design approaches. By making the functionality of the game procedurally generative, we can create games whose behaviours are just as diverse as the terrain & environment generation algorithms that are so pertinent in today's procedural games.

Automatic Modding

With our core team, and years of iteration and design, we have established a toolset and a game design approach that allows LEM to support arbitrarily complex games. This means we can even modify games not built on standard platforms. This feature we have named automatic modification (or auto-modding).

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