Technical Engineer (Cloud)

Location: Bristol (UK) or Remote

Benefits: Unlimited holidays with 28 days minimum, flexible working hours

Cadence: Full-time

About Us

Martian Lawyers Club (MLC) is a new video game studio that was created to push gameplay past current limitations and unlock new levels of video game personalisation. We believe that players shouldn’t be forced to pick between the immersive power of video games and the ability to make unconstrained choices as provided in tabletop experiences.

We are building an auto-modding platform, which we have called Language-Enhanced Modding (or L.E.M. for short). Through it, we enable players to mould games to their own desires, turning any gaming experience into a creative process. L.E.M. goes beyond simple reskins, tapping directly into the DNA of a game (its code) and modifying that as part of the core gameplay loop. The resulting experiences give true agency to the players, allowing them to break out of the box imposed by conventional “static” games.

We are a team of lifelong gamers, game developers, and machine learning researchers, who have come together to utilise our skills in a meaningful way. Our team currently consists of four, including the two co-founders, a Lead Game Designer and a Game Programmer.


What you’ll be doing from day to day:

  • Orchestrate the back-end services that enable L.E.M.
  • Provide utilities such as dynamic storage and configuration servies for our game engineers to work off of
  • Work closely with the founders to identify infrastructure problems related to addressing demand at scale and solve them
  • Set up security measures and monitoring tools to ensure service reliability
  • Streamline CI and deployment processes to enable live-ops for games built on L.E.M.
  • Build infrastructure for performing long-running AI training jobs

About You

Desired qualifications and experience:

  • 5+ years as a software engineer in a professional capacity
  • Proficiency in cloud services (AWS, Google Cloud, and/or Azure)
  • Demonstrated ability to service solutions at scale
  • Proficiency in Python and Javascript
  • Built robust technical pipelines, with both unit and integration tests
  • Ability to identify problems proactively and communicate to the rest of the team
  • Prior job in the gaming industry in a similar capacity; live ops-servicing experience (e.g. PlayFab, GameSpark, Firebase, etc)

It’s okay if you don’t tick all the boxes — don’t let imposter syndrome prevent you from applying!

What We Offer

We’re big believers in personal responsibility. You will be given the freedom to make your own choices, as you often will be the person who understands your area best. But with great responsibility also comes great power! Joining us this early means you are sure to have a massive impact on the direction the company takes.

We provide a dynamic working environment which gives you the space to learn from your mistakes (of which we expect many!). It is also important to say that your day-to-day work will continuously change, so be prepared to get out of your comfort zone often.

Application Process

Please send across your CV to with a subject line of the role you’re applying for. Feel free to include a few of your favourite games (AAA or indie) as the body of the email! We look at each and every one of the applications we receive and aim to reply as quickly as feasible.

The interview process consists of:

  • A 20 minute introductory call with one of the founders
  • A take-home assignment (takes about 3 hours to complete).
  • Two interviews, preferably on-site

After this we send our final offer decision.